Rated Red Pleasure University is an online institute designed to enhance all areas of love through the beautiful art of sex. On this journey you will discover new ways to love yourself and others while enhancing your sex life. You will be guided through the areas of healing, dating, relationships, sex and orgasms.

Courses will be added monthly, Live Classes with Sexologist Steven Smith will be held weekly, and a discord community is created for subscribers to interact with other classmates and professors.

Welcome to Pleasure University, where it's normal to Pleasure U!


Steven Smith is a Certified Clinical Sexologist and Pleasure Coach! The question that often comes after this introduction is, “what is that?”

My response is, "I’m the person that you contact when you are ready to enhance and understand sexual behavior, sexual abilities, sexual healing, the art of sex, and how sex has a direct impact on your life, relationships, and finances!" 

 That statement doesn’t clearly define my title, but I don’t want it to. I want to be defined by my results and so should you. 

Telling you who I am doesn’t make it true. My truth resides in your results! 

To learn more about Me and the Services that I provide set up your free consultation!

You deserve to learn how to unlock the sexual beast that you keep hidden inside! 

The most intense and sensual books I've ever read - Shanique M.

5.0 star rating

Room 918

Review by Justice T.

review stating Room 918

I 10/10 HIGHLY RECOMMEND any and everyone to read his book!!!! I finished mine in a day!!!

5.0 star rating


Review by Angela B.

review stating Speechless

This is a must read! If you're looking to make his reality your fantasy with great detail, a book that will have you in the moment feeling like you are there..

Then this is definitely it! Once you start you will not stop! In fact I ordered the digital copy. I read it and just ordered the autograph copy. Anxious for book #2